Paddle Field Area Rug - Water Hyacinth Seagrass - 180cm x 260cm - AR5


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Beautiful natural fibre Seagrass, Water Hyacinth foldable area rug - made from sustainable fibres, hand-woven, artisan made

This water Seagrass and Water Hyacinth area rug is an international best-seller.

Can be used under beds, sofas, in warm living rooms, or it can become an excellent play-mat in the kids room.

This rug is made of a combination of Seagrass andWater Hyacinth - sustainably-sourced fibres and completely handwoven by talented artisans in Vietnam. The artisans have been weaving sustainable fibre rugs and baskets for more than 40 years using traditional techniques in a village-based industry that employs weavers from within their traditional community.

The colours comprise the natural colours of the fibres and combine to make a beautiful rug that reflects art in the eyes of the weaver and artisans.

Size of each individual rug is 180cm Wide x 260cm Long

Thickness : 12mm

Materials : Water Hyacinth, Seagrass

Attributes: Natural, Sustainable, Reversible (different texture on reverse side), Bio-degradable, Hand woven, Crafted with fast-growing, renewable harvested fibres

Due to these mats being hand-woven, there can be small variations in size and colour from one mats to another. These are not made on machines but by individual weavers.

Natural fibre Rug Notes and Care

- No chemicals used in the production of the natural materials

- Materials used in this rug can be safely disposed of at the end of the rugs life

- High humidity should be avoided, not suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms

- Clean marks with a damp cloth and air for drying

- Natural fibre products may irritate some allergies

- Vacuum clean with suction attachment, do not use rug beater

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